Tiger Aspect, the company behind Harry Enfield’s new Harry & Paul show, have defended the Filipino maid sketch saying it’s too ridiculous to be taken as a serious racial slur.

“Harry & Paul tackles many situations in a comedic way,” said Tiger Aspect in a statement. “Set in this context, the sketch is so far beyond the realms of reality as to be absurd – and in no way is intended to demean or upset any viewer.”

The Philippine ambassador has demanded an apology from Harry Enfield over his ‘malicious’ sketch, which showed a man trying to breed with his Filipino maid.

In a letter to the BBC, Edgardo B Espiritu accused Harry Enfield of racism and portraying Filipino women as ‘sex playthings’.

He said: “Such portrayal and stereotyping of Filipino women as domestic workers and sex playthings is not only egregiously insulting to the Filipino community in the UK, it is also very malicious and is a blatant display of racial prejudice.”

The sketch has also angered members of the public, generating 54 complaints to the BBC about the negative stereotyping of Filipinas.

Watch the controversial clip below and decide for yourself…