Jupiter could have destroyed the Earth!

Professor Brian Cox will tell the story of the planets in a “groundbreaking” new series for BBC2 which will begin on Tuesday 28th May at 9pm, it’s now been confirmed.

Using the latest planetary science research, The Planets will reveal the history of each world over five parts.

Each planet will be brought to life using the “most accurate and detailed imagery ever produced.” The series will explain the tragic past of Mars, which was once a wonderful water world but is now a barren, cold desert world.

The hugely popular scientist will also explain how the latest science suggests that Jupiter caused chaos during the early solar system and could have destroyed the Earth!

Plus, Brian, 51, will look at the mysterious planet of Neptune, the last major planet in the far reaches of the solar system.

The BBC promises this will be “an epic story” and that it is one still being told and discovered as we still don’t know our planets as well as we thought we did.

The Planets presented by Brian Cox – whose previous series have included Wonders of the Universe and Forces on Nature – will air on BBC2 starting on Tuesday 28th May at 9pm.

Main Brian Cox picture: REX/Shutterstock