Actress Helen McCrory is set to star in a new version of horror feature Frankenstein, it has been announced.

Impossible Pictures (Primeval) and Jed Mercurio (Bodies) have given literature’s most infamous creator, Dr Victor Frankenstein, a fresh twist for ITV1 – where he is reborn in the 21st Century as a female biologist, Victoria.

Helen, who played the PM’s wife Cherie Blair in The Queen, will be joined by James Purefoy and Lindsay Duncan in the two-hour special.

Taking the same themes as the original title, Mercurio’s Victoria is conducting ground-breaking but highly controversial work in the field of stem cell research and medical biotechnology in an attempt to cure her dying son.

But her experiments have terrifying results when she ends up growing her own live bio-organism.

Deputy Controller of Drama, Sally Haynes says: “With the advances being made in modern science Jed’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic makes the impossible seem possible. And with the addition of a cast of this calibre, ITV1’s re-working of Frankenstein is sure to both terrify and compel our audience.”