Rachel gets Strictly raunchy orders from her man

Strictly Come Dancing‘s Rachel Stevens has revealed her fiance tells her to dance as raunchily as she can.

The former S Club 7 singer insists Alex Bourne is not at all jealous watching the sexy routines between her and professional partner Vincent Simone on the dancefloor.

Rachel told The Sun: “Luckily Alex is obsessed with the show like I am. He’s been an amazing support and he and Vincent have really bonded, which is great.

“Because he’s an actor he totally understands it’s a performance. He’s very secure about our relationship and tells me to be as raunchy as I can. He thinks if people believe there’s something going on between me and Vincent then we’re doing our job right.

“He’s so brilliant. Not many men would be as comfortable with it, but he’s great.”

Last year Vincent’s girlfriend of 11 years, Flavia Cacace, left him for her Strictly partner, ex-EastEnders actor Matt di Angelo.

Rachel said: “I understand how that happens. You spend so much time together, you dance closely and it’s very physical.

“Vincent and I have really bonded and he’s such a lovely, warm, passionate person – he’s bringing that passion out in me as well. He’s a real flirt. We have so much fun.”

Asked if she would be interested in Vincent if she were single, Rachel said: “Well, you never know. But I’m not: I’m soon to be a married lady. I’ve got a wonderful man and a wonderful dance partner, I’m double lucky.”

The 30-year-old singer revealed she has loved Strictly. She said: “It’s been an incredible experience. I would absolutely love to win.

“To come this far and to be crowned champion with Vincent, who I love, would be amazing. The best Christmas present ever.”

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