Star of Channel 5’s Under the Dome, Rachelle Lefevre revealed how Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon were game-changers for her career, but not her personal life.

“I’d never done anything that high profile before. Twilight opened up a lot of doors,” says Rachelle, who memorably starred in the saga as vampire vixen, Victoria, before losing the role to Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, due to scheduling clashes.

“The thing that really made it feel the most like a game changer was the fan base. Twilight fans are so incredible; they support everything I have done after Twilight and my career as a whole.”

Rachelle admits she’s equally happy life hasn’t changed too much: “Thankfully I’m not uber-famous in any respect so I don’t get accosted in the street very often or have paparazzi follow me around. I did for a minute during the whole Twilight thing, but now my life is pretty quiet. I’d hate not be to able to go to the supermarket in my pyjamas!”