Rafe Spall: ‘I’m even more of an all-round loser’

Rafe Spall says his Pete Versus Life alter ego is even more of a loser in the second series.

The actor plays a struggling sports journalist whose life is commentated on by two sport pundits in the Channel 4 comedy, which returns this Friday.

Rafe said: “If anything, Pete’s reverted emotionally, so he’s even more socially inept, he’s even worse with women, he’s even more horrible to his parents and he’s generally more of an all-round loser.”

He added that the writers share the school of thought of the late Only Fools And Horses writer John Sullivan, who believed that great sitcom characters are awful people.

He said: “They’re flawed and terrible, but somehow you want them to succeed.

“I think people can see their own terrible traits on screen and it makes them feel better about the dastardly things they’ve done in their life.”

He declared his love for filming the TV series, saying: “It’s the relaxed feel on set and the environment of creativity. I think as an actor the best you ever are is when you’re relaxed.

“No matter what stage I’m at in my life, I’ll always want to do this show.”

Pete Versus Life begins on Channel 4 on Friday, October 21.