Royle Family favourite Ralf Little writes and stars in Sky1’s new comedy The Cafe. Here he tells us more…

Why did you and Michelle Terry (co-writer and star) decide on a cafe setting for your new sitcom?
“The cafe setting was a great way to have characters coming and going and having real conversations. Originally, we were going to set it in south Londo,n but then Michelle told me about when she left Weston-Super-Mare for London when she was 18. We thought how awful it is when things don’t work out and you have to come back with your tail between your legs. So that’s why it’s set in Weston.”

What’s it been like reuniting with The Royle Family’s Craig Cash, who directs?
“I’ve known Craig for a long time and admire his work as a director. From the start you had myself, Michelle and Craig – three people all with a similar sense of humour – having a nice time and if you keep that kind of atmosphere up then you’re onto a winner. Craig’s put the show together beautifully.”

What’s the story?
“The Cafe centres on three generations of women who run Cyril’s cafe on the seafront in Weston – Nan Mary, mum Carol and daughter Sarah, played by Michelle. Sarah’s back from London having not made it as a writer and with all the baggage that comes with that.”

Sarah’s reunited with her Richard, who you play. Tell us about their relationship…
“Richard and Sarah are childhood sweethearts. He’s a very talented musician, but he never left Weston and is now dedicated to his job as an assistant in a care home.”

Why didn’t Richard and Sarah’s relationship work out?
“Richard’s lack of ambition is why it was never going to work for him and Sarah, but he’s always carried a torch for her and now she’s back. Some people need to see the world, but it’s OK that others are happy where they are – that’s one of the lessons Sarah has to learn.”

We hear Richard has a love rival…
“Yes, John Streatfield. They are all friends from school, but he also moved away to London, made a name for himself, made some money and now he’s back. It certainly causes a bit of tension.”

Do you think The Cafe is a place viewers will want to visit?
“This show is not about losers, it’s just about people – and I hope viewers will want to hang out with these people and think the world is a good place.”

The Cafe starts on Wednesday, November 23 at 9pm on Sky1.