Gordon Ramsay shocked eaters at his London restaurant by carrying a shot deer past their tables on his return from a hunt.

The controversial chef filmed the stunt for the latest series of The F Word, which starts on C4 next week. In the show, he travels to Norfolk to learn how to use a rifle, before attempting to shoot a deer for dinner.

With the carcass draped over one shoulder, he then carts the kill to the kitchens of his exclusive eatery as his guests watch on, open-mouthed.

It’s not the only stomach-churning surprise in store for visitors to his restaurant this series. In another sequence, Gordon challenges Top Gear presenter James May to eat the world’s most revolting foods as a “test of manliness,” and ends up calling for the sick bucket himself.

“This is basically rotten shark,” he tells James as he unveils a plate of reeking fish. “You have to eat it without being sick – that is the true definition of a proper man.”

But within seconds he finds himself gagging and has to run for a bucket as James watches on. “He came out of it rather the worse for wear,” an insider told the Mail on Sunday. “To be fair, the food they eat is pretty disgusting.”