Gordon Ramsay has admitted the protestors who dumped a tonne of horse manure outside his Claridge’s restaurant last week have ‘got a point’.

Demonstrators dressed as horses from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) carried out the smelly stunt in opposition to an episode of the chef’s TV show The F-Word, which explored the possibility of eating horse meat.

It featured journalist Janet Street-Porter offering the meat to racegoers at the Cheltenham Festival, and Gordon said he was taking the flack for her actions.

The 40-year-old joked: “I still smell of that horse s***. Apparently they didn’t like their starters so I would’ve just given them their money back rather than dumping two tonnes of s*** on my front door.

“It was a bit weird and they’ve got a point, I don’t doubt that, but all I said was I loved my time in France and I lived above a horse butcher’s shop, that’s all I said. I wasn’t actually at the racecourse, that was Janet, yet I took the cop for it.”