Ramsay faked a spearfishing scene

An episode of Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word which appeared to show him spearing sea bass off the English coast was faked, Channel 4 has admitted.

The celebrity chef headed into the sea to bag some bass for a beach barbecue in one of the series’ ‘action’ items and was shown returning to shore holding several large fish he seemed to have caught.

But while Ramsay did take part in the fishing expedition off the Devon coast, spending around an hour trying to spear a fish, in reality he failed to catch anything, Channel 4 said.

Spearfishing expert Dave O’Callaghan told the Sunday Times he had caught the fish the celebrity chef cooked on an open fire in the episode.

“I went in 20 minutes before everyone else to make sure we had fish to put on the barbecue.

“I caught about four and then Gordon got in and we spent about an hour in the water. When we came back in we threaded the fish onto a stringer and he carried them.”

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said the broadcaster had looked into the incident and discovered the show’s makers had misrepresented what had happened.

“The production company Optomen has informed us that, after investigation, regrettably it appears that one part of the sea bass VT gave viewers an inaccurate impression about Gordon’s involvement.”

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