Ratmond Blanc: ‘French don’t have a sense of humour’

Raymond Blanc has said he’s able to laugh at himself – thanks to his time in Britain.

The chef, who shows viewers how to perfect everyday techniques in new BBC Two programme How To Cook Well, moved to the UK after losing his job as a waiter in France.

Raymond said: “The French don’t have a sense of humour. I am not a confused Frenchman, I am a Frenchman, but I have spent most of my life in Great Britain.

“And having lived with you, I feel I can laugh at myself now. French people cannot do that.”

He added: “I’m a great listener too. I learned that from living in Great Britain.

“Most Frenchmen can’t do this at the same time, which is why there are so many wars in France. It’s impossible. Listen to French radio. Or to French TV or a French family. They’re all talking at the same time. You have no idea of what they’re saying.”

How To Cook Well starts on BBC Two on Tuesday, July 9.