Ray Winstone has revealed he fears for his own family’s safety on the streets of Britain.

The 52-year-old Londoner – who has three daughters with wife Elaine – has appeared in 15 minute anti-knife crime film Cold Kiss, made by the family of Harry Potter star Robert Knox.

Ray said: “Every day on the news, you turn it on and someone’s been stabbed or shot … I guess it’s ’cause I have kids and I fear for my kids when they go out – and I fear for my wife when she goes shopping that some nut-nut is going to do this.”

The 44 Inch Chest star believes National Service could be the solution for punishing young offenders who carry knives.

He said: “I’ve not always been a great believer in the whole ‘three strikes and you’re out’ but I am now.

“And maybe that’s for selfish reasons and whatever – but if you’re caught with a knife you get nicked, the second time you get five years, the last time you get life and there’s no ifs or buts with that.

“I was lucky enough to go out to Camp Bastian this year and I saw a lot of kids on the front line who put their lives on the line for us and for Afghanistan, who are doing a fantastic job.

“And you think well, National Service then. Let’s have a bit of discipline. You want a fight, you want to carry a knife, well I tell you what to do, go to Camp Bastian, go on the front line if you’re such a tough guy.”