Reggie: People are ‘too hard’ on Jessie J

Reggie Yates has said he feels frustrated for Jessie J over her diva reputation, insisting it is unfair.

The Voice presenter insisted the singer and Voice coach is not a diva, and shouldn’t be judged just because she speaks her mind.

Reggie told New! magazine: “She gets an unfair time because she’s a very opinionated, outspoken young woman.

“She hasn’t been around very long, but she’s incredibly successful and I think people can be quite hard on her when it comes to her outspoken ways. When you’re a young woman, particularly, people don’t expect you to be vocal.

“I feel frustrated for her.”

The TV presenter also defended the BBC singing talent show, insisting it should be ‘cut a bit of slack’.

Reggie said: “People tend to forget we’re only on our second series. If you compare us to any of these other shows that have been going for over a decade, they’ve progressed, year-on-year.

“We’re a year and a half in, so I think we should be cut a bit of slack.

“It’s moved forward massively from series one, so I’m really proud of it. And there are a hell of a lot of people watching us!”