Reggie Yates: ‘Prized Apart contestants keep calling me for help, but I’m not going to rescue them!’

TV Times is on an adventure with Emma Willis and Reggie Yates’ to see filming of the new heart-stopping BBC1 game show, Prized Apart (premieres Saturday, June 13).

Set in the stunning Moroccan beauty spot of Bin El Quidaine, home to the tallest waterfall in Northern Africa, the Ouzoud Cascake, it’s BBC1’s most ambitious, exciting and downright dangerous Saturday night show in years.

The brand new series sees brave members of the public take on death-defying stunts in the blazing Moroccan heat for £100,000, while their loved ones face more cerebral challenges back in the studio in Britain.

The contestants have to abseil down a huge, slippery cascade with only a couple of ropes and harnesses to protect them. Did you want to try it?
“I’d cry all the way down. We’ve filmed some challenges already and the contestants keep calling me for help. It’s nice, but they clearly have no idea I’m not going to rescue them! I’m definitely not an action man.”

Emma, part of the show is filmed in Kent where the slowest competitors get sent home to face a general knowledge quiz to decide who gets sent back. Why did this format appeal to you?
“I’d wanted to do an adventure show for years and who doesn’t love a quiz?  This was a no-brainer for me – I didn’t care what my agent said!”

How did you feel about being stuck in Kent while Reggie is out in Morocco?
“I was jealous of him, especially when I saw the footage of him having fun, but that job would have meant leaving my family so I was happy to stay at home. If there’s a second series we should make him go somewhere cold!”

Three studio players must fight for their partners’ survival by answering a series of questions. Did this create any bitter rivalry or back-stabbing?
“It does get competitive because there’s £100,000 to play for, but I for one am a lover of Saturday night television that is nice. I work on Big Brother, where there’s a lot of bitching, so it’s lovely to have a show with genuinely nice people who are all up for the challenge.

“Why does it all have to be nasty and bitchy? Saturday night television is light and fun. Saturday Night Takeaway is a nice show to watch with the family and hopefully this will be the same.”