Reggie Yates slams lack of black talent in prime-time

Reggie Yates has blasted TV networks for not employing more prime-time black presenters.

The Voice presenter told The Sun he feels like the only non-white person working in Saturday night entertainment and that it needs to change.

Reggie, 29, said: “There should be more on prime-time telly because it’s a scary number, one.

“It’s not something I ever thought I’d do because there’s never been anyone like me – a young black guy fronting a Saturday night programme.”

Reggie, who co-hosts BBC One’s The Voice with Holly Willoughby, said he thought there were better opportunities for black actors and presenters in the US.

He said: “There’s more opportunity in America – and a bigger black audience. But what’s to say there can’t be more modern dramas that feature a broader spectrum?

“It’s not just black people. We live in a multicultural country and it’s ridiculous we’re not doing more to reflect our lives on TV.”

Meanwhile. comedian Lenny Henry, 54, appeared on Lorraine, defending his own comments to the Daily Telegraph about the lack of black actors at the Baftas.

He said: “I love Bafta I’m a member of Bafta, I was only saying that’s it’s odd in the 21st century being at something where no one of colour is nominated and it would be lovely for us to be in some programmes for a change where that might be a possibility.”

On Reggie’s comments he said: “He should shut up and just take the money. It’s just me and him and your weatherman [Alex Beresford]!”


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