Remembering Marilyn & Classic Monroments!

To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe on 5th August, we asked Movie Talk guest contributor Shreya Patel to pick out a couple of classic Marilyn Monroments!

“A beautiful moment here from ‘Some Like it Hot’, where Marilyn’s character ‘Sugar Kane’ is delicately perched on a piano whilst softly performing ‘I’m Through With Love’. This is a classic example of Marilyn’s more tender film moments, where her emotional performance captures Joe’s – or perhaps ‘Josephine’s’ – attention causing him to want nothing more than to kiss her.”

“Here’s an unforgettable Monroe moment, resulting in the sexy and iconic ‘white dress pose’ used for ‘The Seven Year Itch’s publicity. Here, Monroe’s fun-loving and slightly ditsy character excitedly hops onto the vent over the subway in order to feel the rushing air on her legs, leaving Tom Ewell (Richard Sherman) looking on in utter awe.”

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