Rev star Tom Hollander reveals he ‘stuffed his face for six week’ for TV drama

Tom Hollander has said he had to suffer for his art by gaining weight for a role and that there was nothing nice about eating whatever he wanted.

The Rev star needed to pile on the pounds to play Welsh poet Dylan Thomas in BBC Two drama A Poet In New York, then lose it again quickly to film the third series of his ecclesiastical sitcom.

He said: “I thought, ‘I mustn’t get diabetes’, because I had to gain the weight quickly and then take it off again very quickly to film the third series of Rev.

“I had to stuff my face for six weeks, which isn’t as fun as it sounds. If anyone fantasises about being able to eat whatever you want without impunity, you can’t.”

The 46-year-old  actor added: “After about 48 hours of it, you’re full, you feel sick, you have night sweats and you go to the loo at all sorts of odd times of the day.

“Anyway, we suffer for our art in showbiz, as is well documented.”

Rev returns to BBC Two on Monday, March 24.

A Poet In New York will air on BBC Cymru Wales in April and BBC Two in May.

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