Revenge of the nerds!

Former Lark Rise to Candleford actor John Dagleish talks about new E4 comedy Beaver Falls…

New E4 comedy Beaver Falls see three Brits head out to summer camp in California hoping for several weeks of sun, booze and gorgeous women. But their dream turns into a nightmare when they’re assigned a cabin full of social misfits to look after.

John Dagleish, best known as Alf Arless in Lark Rise to Candleford, plays hapless Barry, determined to win the heart of swimming instructor Kimberly despite her super jock boyfriend Jake…

Was it fun playing someone as silly as Barry?

“It’s really liberating to play someone who can be completely ridiculous.”

Can you relate to him?

“There’s certainly been times where I have been tongue-tied with ladies. Barry’s problem is, knowing when to shut up rather than what to say. He comes out with this torrent of rubbish whenever there is a slightly attractive woman.”

Will Barry get the girl in the end?

“I can’t tell you. I hope people will look at Barry and think he should get the girl in a revenge of the nerds kind of way, where personality and sense of humour overcomes muscles and good looks.”

Are there any moments that you’re embarrassed about your family seeing?

“Yeah, quite a few. There is a certain amount of nudity that Barry has throughout the show.”

How different was it from filming Lark Rise To Candleford?

“It’s so different. On Lark Rise you’re surrounded by all these old British theatre actors, as my first job it was quite nerve-wracking. Beaver Falls was a lot more relaxed for me as we were all about the same age.”

The weather in South Africa must have been better too…

“We had such a nightmare with Lark Rise – every year shooting in the south west of England, where it’s notorious for huge torrents of rain. The post-production people are going to have a much easier time making it look hot and sunny on Beaver Falls.”

Did you ever go to summer camp when you were younger?

“I went to summer camp in Essex and I made the stupid mistake of going overweight and with long hair, which is social suicide when you’re 13 or 14. I don’t actually miss anything about being a teenager, it was awful. I feel sympathy for anyone going through it.”

Beaver Falls begins on Wednesday July 27 at 9pm on E4.