Comedian Rhod Gilbert would love to become a teacher after getting a taste of the job.
In BBC show Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, the 44-year-old comic tries out a series of different professions.
He said of the first episode: “I fell in love with primary school teaching. It’s a very low-budget thing. It’s meant to be a charming little programme where I go, try somebody’s job, meet a few characters.
“It’s as much about the characters as it is about me, and we learn about somebody’s job. That’s it really. So I went to a primary school for three days, and I was torn away at the end. I didn’t want to leave.
“In three days I was convinced that this is the most important job on Earth, and it’s not regarded as that… I’d love to do that in some capacity. I’m fired up for doing that once everything calms down in my life.”
:: Rhod Gilbert: The Man With The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo DVD is released today (November 19).