TV couple Richard and Judyhave confessed to The Sun that they both experimented with drugs when they were younger.

The squeaky-clean twosome told the paper that they dabbled with cannabis when they were at college.

“I didn’t like it,” Richard said, “and I’ve never tried any other drugs as I’ve got an addictive personality.”

“I was seriously addicted to cigarettes for years so I always assumed that if I tried drugs I’d be instantly hooked.”

Judy, meanwhile, added, “I smoked it a couple of times but it never did anything for me.”

The pair – whose new show, New Position, begins this week, also told the paper that they have worked to educate their children about the dangers of drugs.

“If one of our kids’ friends says to them, ‘Let’s do drugs’ they’ll actually shout at them,” Richard said.

“One of their friends developed mental problems from smoking cannabis every day. They’ve seen the damage drugs do.”

The pair’s daughter Chloe will be one of the co-presenters on New Position, which begins on Tuesday on the new digital channel Watch.