The future of Richard and Judy’s TV career looks uncertain after their new show drew just 8,000 viewers earlier this week.

According to reports in The Sun, the couple are preparing to make a professional split – with Richard pursuing a solo career and Judy taking a step back from television presenting.

Monday’s ratings were the lowest since Richard And Judy’s New Position premiered on the digital channel Watch in October with 100,000 viewers.

The married hosts are reportedly preparing to pull the plug when the series’ contract finishes in December.

An insider told the newspaper: “Every day, we think an announcement will be made, saying ‘That’s All’. It looks unlikely this show will come back.”

Judy Finnigan, 60, said recently: “If I hadn’t been working with Richard all these years I would no longer be working in television. My family comes miles ahead of my career.”

Richard Madeley, 52, is being mentioned as the host of a revamped version of the classic gameshow Double Your Money.

A source told The Sun: “Richard has made it no secret that he’s still ambitious and is keen to try other projects.”

Richard and Judy used to regularly pull in three million viewers on their ITV and Channel 4 shows.

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