Richard ‘Calamity’ Hammond has another accident

Richard Hammond has been injured after falling from a horse.

The daredevil Top Gear presenter, who narrowly escaped death three years ago when he crashed a jet-powered car at nearly 300mph, was thrown from a horse near his home in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, the Daily Express reports.

Richard, 39, known as The Hamster, was ‘test-driving’ the stallion for the Hayes Golden Button Challenge steeplechase in Tirley, Gloucestershire, when it bucked unexpectedly and threw him onto hard turf where he landed on his backside.

He managed to escape with only bruises, but has been seen walking with crutches as he recovers from the injury.

The pint-sized presenter and his wife Mindy, 36, have two children Isabella, nine, and Willow, five, and the couple still managed to attend the steeplechase, but watched from the safety of the sidelines.

An onlooker at the race told the Daily Express that Richard looked ‘sore but in good spirits’.

Ledbury Hunt master David Redvers, who organises the annual competition, told the newspaper: “He was looking to hire the horse for the day but it was spooked by something.

“Richard’s basically just banged his backside, which means he’s a bit sore but he’ll be fine. He’s very frustrated, but he always takes things in good grace and I don’t think it will put him off.”

Richard is said to be hoping to complete the cross-country race on the banks of the River Severn next year.

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