Richard Harrington on his Lark Rise romance

Lark Rise to Candleford (BBC1, Sunday) heartthrob Richard Harrington talks about his possible romance with postmistress Dorcas Lane…

So what happens this week?

“I move in with Dorcas, but it is a practical thing. There’s a leaky roof at the forge and he can’t sleep or work on his invention. He’s aware of Dorcas’s beauty, but he’s so focused on his work, he can’t see the wood for the trees.”

So inventing is in the way of romance?

“In the show, we’re entering an era where pioneers are going to change the world. Gabriel has lost his business and desperately wants to get back on track, so he’s come up with an invention he hopes will change lives and take him around the world.”

What do you think will happen with the pair then?

“Gabriel and Dorcas are heading towards some kind of collision, but there’s a real dilemma. The question is, would it be worth it? There would have to be major sacrifices, because she would have to leave the Post Office if they married. It’s a heavy problem that’s not paid off until last minute. It’s a surprise.”

How has it been joining Lark Rise?

“A real delight. I felt I’ve been there for years. It’s a real pleasure to be part of the magic, and I got on really well with Julia, who is such a generous actress.”

Did you know anyone before joining?

“Yes, Karl Johnson who plays Twister Turrill. One of my first jobs was opposite Karl in a Welsh TV drama called Broken Glass. I was about 18 and he was a giant then. He’s still a giant! He’s a great ranconteur and mickey-taker.”

Are you proud of your Welsh heritage?

“Very, I come from an English-speaking family that sent me to a Welsh-speaking school. Being bilingual got me into drama and got me noticed.”