Richard Madeley: ‘It’s good that Chloe fell’

Richard Madeley is pleased his daughter Chloe fell over in the semi-final of Dancing On Ice – as he feels it added to her performance.

The TV presenter says he’s very proud of Chloe, who is through to next Sunday’s final of the ITV1 show alongside EastEnders actor Sam Attwater and Nickelodeon presenter Laura Hamilton.

Richard wrote on his blog: “I will never hear Katy Perry’s Firework again without seeing in my mind’s eye Chloe and Michael taking their first tumble yet on the ice.”

He went on: “But it all adds to the drama. In fact, I told Chloe after her and Michael’s brilliant skate-off performance punched them into this Sunday’s final.

“If I was scripting DOI as a drama I’d have written in that accident. Added hugely to the watchability of the show and was a reminder of how unbelievably difficult what they are all doing out there is.

“Judy and I might just burst with pride yet… My little girl in the final!”

And Richard revealed he is already busy planning his banner for the final.

He wrote: “It’s got to be a good one, this is the final, after all. But I may follow the advice someone sent me via Twitter. Cut the cute stuff (‘Let’s Go Chloe: Allons-y Michael !’ may, I freely concede, have been a bit fruity last Sunday.

“Why not, my Twitter friend suggested, just write a giant ‘CHLOE!’ and have done with it?

“Why not indeed? We don’t want any adverbs creeping in, do we?”

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