Richard Madeley interrupted his C4 chat show to issue an angry threat to a mugger who stole his daughter’s mobile phone.

The TV host shook his fist at the camera during Tuesday’s Richard & Judy show and said: “To the person who stole my daughter’s mobile phone, I would like to say this!”

His tirade was interrupted by partner Judy Finnigan, whose whack on her husband’s knee brought him back into line.

Student Chloe Madeley, 19, is currently on a gap year and is on work experience at a PR company in Notting Hill. She was chatting on her phone as she walked along Portobello Road in London yesterday lunchtime when a girl ran up behind her and grabbed the phone.

Chloe was shocked, but uninjured.

The robbery took place shortly before 1.45pm outside Portobello Green Arcade and the mugger ran off towards nearby Ladbroke Grove Underground station.

Scotland Yard said the mugging is being investigated by Notting Hill robbery squad, who are looking for a female suspect, aged about 18.