Ricky Gervais has revealed that he couldn’t care less about fame – unlike the character he plays in the hit comedy Extras.

Ricky plays Andy Millman, a man desperate to hold onto his celebrity status, in the final episode of Extras to be screened on Thursday night.

But in an interview with The Sun, the comic reveals that he doesn’t like being famous.

“I’m more famous than I should be,” he said. “I was never proud of having money – it nearly ruined becoming a success for me.”

And the star revealed that he won’t be watching the final episode of Extras as it goes out.

He said: “I haven’t watched The Office since it went out and I won’t watch Extras either.

“I’ll be with my family – they’ll Sky Plus it and watch it when I’m gone. The last thing they’ll want to do is watch it when I’m there.”

The final episode of Extras is a star-studded event, with George Michael, Clive Owen and Gordon Ramsay among the guests appearing.

Ricky admitted that the character of Andy is actually based on what he himself would be like if he’d made the wrong choices.

But he’s adamant that he would NEVER appear on a reality TV show, like Andy does in the final episode.

He said: “I would never do it – never. I won’t do it even if my career takes a turn now and I lose my money, I’ll work in a bar.

“I’m proud of doing the best work I can… but of course I still want to win an Oscar!”

Catch Extras on BBC1 on Thursday at 9pm.