Ricky Gervais: ‘Give me back my Emmy’ (VIDEO)

Extras star Ricky Gervais used his appearance at the Emmy awards to track down his missing trophy.

The British comedian deviated from the script to question Steve Carell, star of the American version of The Office, on the whereabouts of his award for Best Comedy Actor.

Ricky, who was absent from last year’s ceremony, had nominated his US counterpart to collect the award, but claimed he never received it.

“Look at his stupid face,” said Gervais, pointing to the clip of Steve Carell accepting on his behalf last year. “Couldn’t actually win one of his own so he stole someone else’s…

“I made you what you are and I get nothing back,” said Gervais, pointing at a straight-faced Carell in the front row.

Ricky then left the stage and threatened to tickle Carell until he finally produced the Emmy from under his seat.

CLICK below to watch the video of Ricky’s hilarious appearance at the Emmy Awards 2008.


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