Ricky Gervais: ‘I don’t Twitter!’

Ricky Gervais has revealed he doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, saying they are ‘pointless’.

The British funnyman admitted he’s not a fan of the social networking sites, saying: “I blog – which is fun – but I don’t Twitter, I don’t see the point really.”

He added: “What am I telling them, who am I talking to – I want to write, ‘get a life, go get your own life, do something, read a book, go for a run’.”

Ricky, currently starring in The Invention Of Lying with Jennifer Garner, said that any Ricky Gervais accounts on the sites won’t be him.

“I’ve had about 25 fake Ricky Gervaises shut down on Facebook and Twitter so I’m aware of them – if you go on, it’s not me. It’s not me!” he revealed.

He added, telling the fake Rickys: “Why would you try to pretend to be me? Geez, get a life, from the real Ricky Gervais.”

The Invention Of Lying is out now.