Ricky Gervais in frame to host Oscars

The Office creator Ricky Gervais has underlines his success in the US by revealing he’s in the frame to host next February’s Academy Awards.

The star, whose latest US film Ghost Town opens in the UK today (Friday), told The Sun: “It is true, but the Oscars people are just compiling a list of folk. I could be millionth on the list.

“I did hear there was a rumour going around and my agent actually got a couple of calls about it, so he checked it out. Apparently I’m on a list, but I’m not sure what list exactly. I hope it’s not a sex offenders’ register.”

Gervais also told BBC News that he would be ‘scared’ to do it because ‘I don’t think I’d get the freedom I needed… If it was a fun night and they said you could ad-lib, I’d do it because I really enjoy that.”

Asked if he would seriously consider the role, he said: “Probably not, or maybe I would, but I’d be scared that it would be arbitrary.”

Emmy winner Gervais gave a well-received comedy routine at the Emmys in September, when he spent his time on stage mercilessly ribbing the star of the US version of The Office, Steve Carrell.