Ricky Gervais launches new Oxfam Christmas gifts

British funny man Ricky Gervais has launched Oxfam’s new gift range for Christmas – including a range of gift cards with his Flanimal characters on them.

He appeared in Oxfam’s shop in Oxford to work behind the till and launch the range of cards, the proceeds of which will go towards work the charity often finds hard to fund.

Ricky said: “Everyone thought Flanimals were useless – I did. But this year they’re helping Oxfam change the world.

“There are five Flanimal gifts to choose from and the money goes to different things. It might improve sanitation – give someone clean water. It might give people a voice if they’re oppressed.

“It might help general humanitarian work or it might go towards the prevention of HIV and Aids.”

The Flanimal gifts will be stocked alongside the more traditional Oxfam Unwrapped gifts such as goats and seeds.

Paul Vanags, from the charity, said: “Whether you buy one of the fantastic Flanimals, or a more familiar gift such as feeding a family, safe water or a goat, these gifts really do make a massive difference to people’s lives around the world.”

Since it was launched five years ago, the Oxfam Unwrapped gift range has raised more than £50 million and funded projects in more than 60 countries.