Ricky Gervais says he was once asked by Prince Harry to sign a beer mat for the Queen.

The funnyman wrote on his blog that he penned the message ‘To Liz II, Cheers! Ricky Gervais’ on the beer mat after his stand-up gig at Hammersmith Apollo.

He wrote: “On the day of the gig he wound me up by sending me a text saying that he was bringing his gran. I was obviously a bit panicked. She would definitely not have enjoyed the show. At the after-show he got me to sign a beer mat for her. ‘To Liz II, Cheers! Ricky Gervais’ (true).”

Ricky, 49, joked: “I will be checking eBay all week in case she is making money off me. I can’t help but think that her signing a beer mat to me would be worth slightly more.”

The star also said that Prince Harry asked him to perform a gig in Afghanistan but he said he was too frightened to go.

He said: “Harry was trying to persuade me to come to Afghanistan to perform to the troops. I said I was too scared. He said I could do Basra which was the safest place. Yeh, the safest place out of all the other places in a war zone. … I take risks with my comedy, not my vital organs… I said I’d think about it.”