Ricky Tomlinson to film sequel to Mike Bassett: England Manager

Ricky Tomlinson is to reprise his role in a sequel to Mike Bassett: England Manager.

The Royle Family actor will play the fictional football coach again in comedy Mike Bassett: Interim Manager.

The follow-up to the 2001 film will see Bassett brought in to the England camp as number two to gifted German coach Jorgen Mannstein.

Footballer and actor Andy Ansah, who appeared in the first film as well as acting as the footie consultant, will also be back.

Steve Barron directed the cult comedy and is returning to take the reins on the follow-up.

“Bassett was the last England manager to take the national team to Brazil. We reached the semis then, who knows what we could achieve this time?” he said.

“I’m very excited to be back with the team including football legend Andy Ansah who cut his teeth on the first film.

“As the years have gone by Bassett seems to have dug deeper into football folklore. There is hardly a manager in the game that hasn’t been compared to him. Usually at a low point. Sometimes a very low point.”

Mike Bassett: Interim Manager is due to start shooting later this year.


Press Association