Ricky Wilson has admitted that if he’d been asked whether he was happy about returning to The Voice at the end of the last series, he would have said no.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman is now in his second run as a coach on the BBC One singing contest, but said he had needed time to forget how tough the process was.

Asked by TV Times whether he was happy to be back, he replied: “I didn’t expect to be here but they asked me. If you’d asked me at the end of the first series, I would have said, ‘No!’.

“It was hard work. I didn’t think I’d care so much about my team. But it must be like giving birth – I kind of forgot the pain and I wanted to do it again and I’m glad I did because this year has been more fun.”

Ricky had previously said before the current judging line-up was announced that he probably wouldn’t return if last year’s mentor Kylie Minogue decided not to come back.

However, this time Kylie has been replaced by Rita Ora and Ricky said he was happy with his decision: “I say a lot of things because I get asked a lot of questions. I think I said I’d have to know who’s doing it.

“Then Rita’s name came up and that swung it for me. I do miss Kylie – she’s fantastic – but Rita’s fantastic, too.”