Ricky Wilson: ‘I was terrified before last year’s The Voice final; this year I’m nerveless’

Rita, Ricky, Will, and Sir Tom dwell on this week’s final of The Voice UK. TV Times caught up with the coaches to find out more… (BBC1, Sat)

What advice will you give to your contestants if they make the final?
“To not worry about how you think people will see you and just do what you know you can do.”

This is your first year, what have you found tough?
“Did I do all right?! On the lives, I never know what comes out of my mouth! It was hard in the beginning of the series, though, because it was the first time I opened myself up to the public so much and I thought about whether I should hold things in.

“Then Ricky and Tom gave me some good advice and I just found that the more you are yourself, the better.”

You only had one act, Sasha Simone, left after the quarter-final. Can she win?
“Well, I think so! I always end up with the strong people and my final three were some of the strongest I’ve had so far.”

The fourth series has been the most successful to date, what has Rita brought to the show?
“She is a beautiful girl and a hell of singer too. Even though she hasn’t been in the business that long she has learned a lot and she shows confidence as a young person to other young people on the show. She is also a natural loving person and that’s what the public have seen.”

How have you found the lives?
“Exciting! For us coaches, the only time we get to experience being on a live show is at the Grammys or the Brits, although Rita did do the freakin’ Oscars!”

Are you pleased for your winner from last year, Jermain Jackman, who has just released his first album?
“I’m really happy for Jermain, he’s a great singer with a big heart and wants to do amazing things with his career and The Voice was just the start and now his career really begins.”

You had two acts left after the quarters, Stevie McCrorie and Emmanuel Nwamadi, so if they get to the final, have you got the winner?
“Sorry to the other guys, but I definitely do! This year more than ever though, it is not about a popularity contest with the coaches, it’s about the singers, so it doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers you have or how many records you have sung on or produced or even if you knew Elvis!”

What are you nervous about for the final?
“Nothing. Last year I was terrified and I didn’t enjoy it as much, but if I have any finalists left, I will tell them to just enjoy it because it is really good fun.”

*The interviews were held before last weekend’s semi-finals of the Voice


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