Ripper Street’s Matthew Lewis: ‘The novelty of a ‘tache wears off when you realise you’re repellent to women!’ (VIDEO)

New Ripper Street star Matthew Lewis enjoyed growing a luxuriant ‘tache for his new role… until the novelty wore off when he realised how much of a turn-off they are to women.

The Harry Potter star (he played Neville Longbottom in the film franchise) makes his debut as Samuel Drummond as popular Victoria crime drama Ripper Street series four premieres on Amazon Prime this Friday.

Matthew explained his role to What’s on TV: “Sergeant Samuel Drummond is a new desk sergeant at the new police station and he is basically part of a new generation of police officer who are involved with a lot more of the science and technological side of modern day policing.

“So he’s in control of the telegram, the micro reader and the telephone systems and makes sure everyone uses these new ideas that are supposed to make the Met much more effiecient. But he’s also got a lot to learn, he’s just out of police academy or whatever, he’s a bit green.”

He’s the owner of a manly moustache in the series, but Matthew explained the appeal of the crumb catcher quickly waned.

“In the first ep there’s whole bit about how I can’t grow a moustache, but then Adam’s character gives me this serum which helps me grow it. In the first episode I’ve kind of got this wispy thing which wasn’t actually mine, we glued it on. And then they let me grow a proper one, so from episode three onwards I’ve got much more of a bush going on, which is great for a month and then you realise you’re repellent to women and the novelty wears off!”

Matthew said he was apprehensive about joining established Ripper Street stars Matthew Macfadyen, Adam Rothenberg, Jerome Flynn and Myanna Buring, but he needn’t have been.

“You were always wonder if you’re going to come in and rock the boat, whether that’s socially or professionally. I always try not to as much as I can! These guys have welcomed everyone new with open arms, made us feel incredibly comfortable from day one, which obviously helps us to do as good a job as we can. It’s just been a lot of fun.”

Watch Matthew Lewis and Adam Rothenberg chat, above.

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