Rob Brydon has revealed he’s often mistaken for his comedy collaborator Steve Coogan.

Coogan’s production company made Rob’s breakthrough show Marion and Geoff back in 2000, and the pair have more recently worked together on the ‘mockumentary’ series The Trip.

“We’re very often lumped together,” Rob admitted.

“In personal terms we see very little of each other, but when we do, we get on. We turned up various aspects of our personality in The Trip to create a bit of tension.

“Before I ever met him, I was a great admirer. Because he had come from doing voice-overs, he was similar to me and he doesn’t look so different. I get confused for him sometimes and I love his work.

“I don’t feel competitive with him and I don’t think he feels competitive with me. I’m sure we’ll work together again at some point.”

Rob has just released his autobiography Small Man In A Book, in which he tells how chronic acne almost scarred his career.

Despite overcoming prejudice about his skin complaint and going on to receive critical acclaim as Uncle Bryn in the award-winning BBC comedy Gavin And Stacey, Rob revealed he has kept a stack of rejection letters to remind him of the years when he wasn’t so famous.

“They show where I came from, what I overcame, remind me not to take things for granted and to stick two fingers up at them [those who rejected him] and say, ‘Ha ha ha, you were wrong’.”