Robbie Coltrane slams TV drama writers

Robbie Coltrane has criticised drama on TV claiming that he can’t watch programmes like CSI where the entire cast is “gorgeous and talks rubbish”.

The actor explained that he enjoyed making new ITV cop series Murderland, after he suggested to writer Dave Pirie that TV was lacking good crime shows.

Robbie said: “I asked him why no one writes totally engaging, amazing drama anymore – you know, where everyone isn’t 25, gorgeous and talks rubbish – CSI and things? Can you watch that stuff? I can’t.”

He added: “People have to watch Murderland. It’s not something you can let wash over you, it’s not Sunday night stuff, but it is amazing, and totally engaging.”

Robbie stars as Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies and explained that doing TV is very different to films.

The actor said: “We’re knocking out seven pages of script a day on this (Murderland), and on Harry Potter we do one-and-a-half if we’re lucky.

“I’d do more TV, if it was right, but it’s all a question of logistics, I just have to look for things I can fit in.”