Robbie defends Jedward: ‘I’m worried about them’

Robbie Williams has stuck up for the The X Factor twins claiming that he is worried that people will be ‘aggressive with them’ once they’ve left the show.

On This Morning Holly Willoughby asked Robbie whether he was a fan of the twins while pointing out that he had ‘a bit of a Jedward hairdo going on’.

Robbie said: “I do like the boys, I find them very very entertaining – if I miss the Saturday show I go on You Tube and have a look at how they’ve got on – and I loved them when they did Ghostbusters! They are just fascinating and really really entertaining and you can see that they are going to get their own show of some sort… They’re just in the wrong competition really.”

When Phillip Schofield asked the popstar whether he thought Cowell was right to keep the twins in the show last weekend, Robbie explained: “Well, with reality TV shows, they are never really the reality that you make them out to be… you’ve got to follow the money really to see where things are going and Lucie is going to be fine. She’s very good looking, she can sing really well, she’s going to get lots of offers and is going to have a great career.

“These boys on the other hand [Jedward] I worry about them when they go home and what’s actually going to happen to them. I think people are going to be a bit aggressive with them… They are only just eighteen and they don’t really know what they’re doing or what they want or what it is. I just hope that they are coping underneath this pressure.”