Robbie Williams has been admitted into rehab for treatment for his dependency on prescription drugs, his spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The former Take That star, who is 33 today, has entered a clinic in the US.

His spokeswoman Bryony Watts said: “Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in America for his dependency on prescription drugs.

“There will be no further comment on this matter.”

The star has constantly battled with his demons, entering rehab for addiction to drink and drugs after boyband Take That split.

Robbie, who now lives in Los Angeles, had mixed reviews for his latest album Rudebox. The news comes after model Lisa D’Amato revealed that the pop heartthrob was taking antidepressants and was plagued with worries about his image.

“It was clear he was struggling with his mind. He doesn’t drink, but he needs antidepressants to get him through the day. A lot of the time he seemed on edge,” she said in a recent interview in the News of the World.

“He would light up a cigarette, take a few drags and then put it out and light another straight away.”

She said that even in his sleep the singer was not at peace, adding: “When he started shaking I would gently lift him into my arms and rubbed his arms and legs until he stopped.

“He didn’t wake up, but it seemed to calm him down.

“He was very affected about what people thought about his music. He really took things to heart.”