Strictly Come Dancing contestant Robbie Savage says he dances much better in the middle of a football pitch.

The former football star surprised Derby fans during half time at a match at Reading’s Madejski Stadium with a performance of his new skills. Robbie revealed to BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills it was professional partner Ola Jordan who was nervous and made mistakes, while he was more confident than dancing on the show.

Robbie revealed: “I’m not lying – dancing in front of 20,000 fans at half time was fine, if that was every Saturday night I’d be fine.

“It was my comfort zone – as soon as you cross that white line you are on the football pitch. Even dancing.

“But Ola, God love her, she was so nervous she got her steps wrong on the pitch. She’s an amazing dancer, I was flying.

“It just proves when you’re out your comfort zone, the nerves get hold of you, and that’s what I’m like on a Saturday night. My legs are physically trembling. I feel sick the whole day. Even in the dress rehearsal.

“It’s like walking into the best nightclub in the world, six o’clock in the evening, everybody’s so smartly dressed, you walk into the middle of the dance floor and dance sober. I have never danced sober in my life.”

The 37-year-old football star claimed that training for Strictly was much harder than football training.

Of his football days, he said: “I’d leave at eight, get there for half nine have a massage. Train for an hour, then have your lunch, a three-course meal because the food’s important, then you go home and that’s it.

“It’s the best life in the world and I don’t think enough people appreciate.”