Robbie: ‘Strictly training’s harder than football’

Robbie Savage has confessed he is finding dance training harder than football.

The retired midfielder is set to take to the floor in his first live show for Strictly Come Dancing at the weekend and told ITV1’s Lorraine he has ‘no experience whatsoever’ and is scared.

Robbie said: “I’ve got to say it’s harder than football.

“An hour a day as a footballer – it’s an easy life. And if you’re not performing well you can hide in training and relax a little bit, but in this it’s every hour God sends. There’s no hiding place.”

The 36-year-old ex-footballer also revealed he has hardly ever watched the show as he was always playing football on Saturdays.

He revealed: “Last week we performed for a class of old ladies at the health club. The whole class came in and watched and I messed up. My mind went blank.

“It is unbelievably stressful. I’m shattered and I’ve got injuries that I never had from football, because your body is that run down. I know that some people work more than me but you don’t realise how hard it is.

“People in the past who have done it like John Sergeant and Ann Widdecombe – fair play to them all. They know what I’m going through.”

He added: “Thank God no one is leaving the show this weekend. But the pressure is still on. You’re performing in front of so many people. If you fall over or get the steps wrong you’re going to look silly.”

Robbie also revealed partner Ola Jordan is making him work at least eight hours a day. He said: “I don’t know if I would have signed up if I’d realised that.”

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