Sir David Jason has revealed Robbie Williams wants to play his assistant in the up-and-coming Open All Hours special!

Sir David starred with the late comic Ronnie Barker in the hit comedy about a corner shop, which ran on BBC 1 between 1973 and 1985. Sir David will reprise his role as Granville in a half-hour special this Christmas.

In his new autobiography, Sir David reveals: “We did this interview with Robbie Williams, and he said, ‘I wouldn’t mind a part’ and I said, ‘All right, if you don’t mind being a walk-on’ and he said, ‘Yeah, I’d be a walk-on, or I could be Granville’s assistant!’ In a way, we couldn’t possibly do that. I mean, I wouldn’t stand a chance!”

Sir David says he has always wanted to reprise his role as hapless shop assistant Granville:

“I always wondered what happened to Granville and thought that he might have taken over the shop. Series creator, Roy Clarke had the same thought. Of course, it will seem strange without Ronnie. I don’t believe I can stand up to his Arkwright but we are going to have Ronnie’s presence there. We refer to him all the time and his picture is there, looking down.”

Looking back on his career, Sir David says Ronnie Barker, who he called ‘The Guv’nor’  was a major influence and they worked together on such shows as Hark At Barker, Porridge and Open All Hours.

“He taught me that you could be very famous but you don’t have to be a difficult, rotten so-and-so. The reputation of a lot of famous people was one of difficulty and Ronnie proved to me that if you enjoy what you’re doing, there’s no need to be difficult.”