Strictly Come Dancing star Robbie Savage says his wife is plotting to get her revenge by finding a handsome dancer to give her lessons at the end of the show.

The ex-footballer, 37, has been taking to the dancefloor with skimpy outfit-wearing professional dancer Ola Jordan, 29, and his energetic routines have shaved an inch off his waist.

Speaking about their pairing, Robbie, who has caused controversy with his Michael Jackson-style pelvic thrusts, told TV Times magazine: “We’re like brother and sister. She’s a great choreographer and she doesn’t leave me out there to dry.

“She’s so lovely because it’s not about her, she makes the dance for me.

“She could stand in a sack and still look great, so she choreographs the routine for me to look good.”

The former midfielder said that taking part in the show had cheered-up his mother Val, as his father Colin has been diagnosed with Pick’s disease, a form of dementia.

But he said of his wife Sarah: “My wife is going to take dancing lessons when I finish, but not with me – she’s going to find a handsome hunk of a teacher and get her own back!”

Robbie, who scored 28 out of 40 for his salsa last week, told the magazine that he had been surprised by how much weight he had lost on Strictly.

“You do an hour of football a day but you do eight hours here – it’s very hard work!”, he said.

“I’m quite slim as it is and I’ve dropped an inch off my waist. It’s amazing what you can achieve, though, and how many friends I’m getting.”