Robson Green has claimed that X Factor’s Simon Cowell is a ‘one-trick pony’, claiming that he’s ‘better than’ just being a TV talent show judge.

The X Factor star was behind Robson and his Soldier Soldier co-star Jerome Flynn’s chart-topper Unchained Melody in 1995.

However, Robson said that while he wasn’t surprised at Simon’s success, he is limiting himself by being a talent show judge.

Robson said: “I think it’s sad he’s continued to do what he’s doing because he’s better than that – I don’t mean that in a patronising way. He can do other things, great things, but with his need to be a judge, he’s become a one-trick pony.”

Robson also hit out at Simon’s fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh, who has frequently mocked Simon for working with the two actors.

He said: “There’s Louis slagging off Robson and Jerome and whether he’s doing it for the act, it’s really annoying.

“I’ve written on Twitter saying, ‘Louis, be very careful, remember who I’m married to’,” referring to his feisty wife, former Bond girl and former PA to Simon, Vanya Seager.

Robson returns to ITV1 at 9pm on Tuesday, 8 December, for the start of his two-part documentary, Robson Green’s Wild Swimming Adventure, which follows the success of last year’s Extreme Fishing With Robson Green.