Romance blossoms between new Apprentice pair

Viewers can expect sparks to fly on the fifth series of The Apprentice, after it was revealed two of the hopefuls had become romantically linked.

The Mirror reports that romance blossomed between licensing development manager Kate Walsh and estate agent Philip Taylor while they were getting to grips with the many tasks set by Sir Alan Sugar.

And although the pair’s romance has now gone off the boil, the paper reports it carried on long after filming had finished.

“Kate was flirting with some of the boys from day one,” said a show insider, “and Philip made it clear he was interested.

He made a move and the pair got together after that.”

However The Sun reports that Sir Alan, who believes the candidates should not mix business with pleasure, was furious when he found out.

A source close to the show told the paper: “It was pretty obvious Phillip and Kate had the hots for each other from the start.

They’re both really good-looking and feisty — it was an instant attraction.

Everyone else knew about it but when Sir Alan found out he went mad. He hates it when there’s any kind of ‘funny business’ going on, as he calls it.”

At the series launch earlier in the week, Sir Alan said he was “not sure” if there had been any romances between candidates.

But he added knowingly, “I’m sure you lot will find out.”

The series begins at 9pm on BBC1 on Wednesday March 25.

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