Ronan Keating’s missing X Factor Australia contestant has been found, and revealed he’d spent a night sleeping in a cave on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Altiyan Childs, the last remaining contestant in the over 25s category, went AWOL on Monday night after surviving the public vote to stay in the show.

Altiyan, who sang U2’s Beautiful Day on Sunday night’s show, told Australia’s Daily Telegraph: “I felt the need to press the reset button and remember things, to rekindle a romantic twist which has been dead for a long time.

“I just needed to go back to that place, an ancient friend of mine. It was not one event, but the build-up and relief at the switch in my life where I’ve been finally accepted.”

The rocker said the cave held special memories for him and his ex fiancee, who he split from eight years ago, so he went there in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

He said: “I wasn’t running away from anything – I needed a place that meant something to me. Somewhere I could get reacquainted with intimacy.

“My phone died while I was asleep and I missed a whole workshop and upset people. I rushed back to civilisation and I realised it was 1pm. It was bad. I had commitments at 8am and I wasn’t there.”

When Altiyan didn’t show up to rehearsals, Ronan took to Twitter to try and find him.

But the Boyzone singer has now tweeted to reassure viewers: “We found Altiyan.”