Ross Kemp believes he is being targeted by the Taliban.

The former EastEnders star revealed to The Sun that pirate DVDs of his latest Sky show Ross Kemp In Afghanistan are being sold to help the Taliban identify him, and kill him.

Ross said: “Taliban media ops is not some amateurish bunch. Ross Kemp In Afghanistan is on sale in the bazaars.

“They know if they shoot and kill a journo it will be front-page news, whereas a soldier is just a paragraph.

“In Musa Qala we were only in the bazaar 10 minutes before a suicide bomber was sent to try to kill us.”

Taliban chiefs reportedly also use the DVDs to try and get clues as to how the British forces operate.

But Sky1 producers are under strict instructions from the Army not to film or discuss sensitive information.

Ross, 44, spent several weeks filming and shadowing British Army soldiers on operations on the front line, and came under fire from the Taliban on several occasions.

Ross Kemp: Return To Afghanistan airs on Sky1 on Sunday nights. Click below to watch a clip from his new series.

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