Actor Simon Rouse says The Bill should not feel forced to compete with US crime dramas when it moves to 9pm.

The long-running ITV1 police drama is gearing up to move from 8pm to a new, post-watershed time slot, which will put it up against established US crime dramas such as CSI.

But Simon – who has played Sun Hill’s Jack Meadows for 20 years – insisted that The Bill was a very different show, and shouldn’t feel like it had to compete.

“Why do we want to compete with them?,” he told “I love American shows but they are very different people, they’re much more cartoon-like. We’re not like that, we’re a bit more subtle and ironic.”

“We’re a English cop show. I think people get worried about ‘are we as good as…’, I think we’re very, very good and I’m very proud of what we do.”

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