The finalists in this year’s X Factor are facing a tough crackdown on their behaviour, following reports of ‘rowdy’ antics during filming.

According to the News Of The World, show bosses have drawn up a list of ten rules which performers must abide by – otherwise they run the risk of being booted off the show.

Producers have made the move after hopefuls went on a drunken rampage at the Premier Hotel in Wembley, where they stayed during the filming of boot camp.

There have also been reports of similar behaviour at Simon Cowell’s Spanish villa during the judges’ houses stage of the show.

Finalists there reportedly damaged an expensive Persian carpet and disturbed the mogul while he was sleeping.

“It may seem far-fetched, but this is the most out-of-control bunch of finalists we have ever had,” an insider told the paper.

“If they don’t follow the rules they’ll be kicked off.”

The new regulations include tough restrictions on alcohol consumption, while drug taking, damaging property and contestants are banned from romancing other finalists or fans.

“If someone misbehaves they will be out,” the insider added. “Everything they do is under the microscope.

It’s being made clear to them exactly what the expectations are and exactly how they should behave. There will be no excuses if they break the rules.”