Rupert Penry Jones has spoken of his excitement at taking to the high seas for US pirate drama Black Sails.

“It’s a real caper,” said Rupert, who returns to UK screens later this month in the third series of Silk. “I usually like to be in shows from the start but I have come in for the second series, and I’m sort of wading through it at the moment.

“It’s great fun, it’s filmed in Cape Town with a very old friend of mine, Toby Stephens, who’s lovely. I love American shows, the TV they make is the best in the world, especially at the moment, when they are having a golden vein of TV and there are so many great shows.”

Black Sails, whose first series recently debuted on the Starz channel in America, is a prequel to Treasure Island and centres on the adventures of Toby’s swashbuckling character Captain Flint who clashes with a young John Silver, a new recruit of his crew.

Rupert, who also worked with Toby on on BBC1 drama Cambridge Spies in 2003, is keeping tight-lipped about the nature of his role, but it’s not his first involvement with Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic as he appeared as Squire Trelawney in Sky 1’s version of the novel in 2012.